Duva is a team that takes ideas from protype to launched product

With a decade of innovation we are still the company we envisioned our customers would want to work with, a team of ten effecient developers, project leaders and strategists that has the resources necessary to finish projects based on initial needs and ideas. Low turnover rates, zero growing pains and a lot of time commited to our customers make up the three most appreciated strengths.

The starting point has to be an idea, a need or a common goal. We help you visualize the final product with solid UX-designs or a process map so that we can develop a step-by-step requirements specification suited for your needs.

Here's a showcase to that will display the competence and capacity we possess more than words ever could.

Robert Lidberg

Robert Lidberg

Founder and CEO

Eductus intranät

Eductus intranet reaches coworkers with push notifications from their own app

There's not enough people reading the newsletters published on intranets, so do we reach out with important news? We helped Eductus in developing apps for Apple (iOS) and Android (Google Play) that not only enables users to reach the intranet in an efficient manor but also enables push-notifications from newscategories that they subscribe to.

Google Play iOS AppStore
AcadeMedia webb

AcadeMedia websites, intranet, search engines and integrations

From closed intranets to the open and cooperate web landscape where 15 000 coworkers index content from several systems seamlessly. Vi have also built systems integrations and a UI for 2FA-authorization (BankID), SAML-implementation, operations and management utitilies and more.

AcadeMedias websites and intranet are based on WordPress, ElasticSearch and customized modules in GoLang and Python.

MRF Kalkyl lets the workshops measure their own hourly rates to a tee, changing the industry as we know it

How can an entire bransch audit their profitability? By extracting the company costs and extrapolating hourly rates, which is easily managed with MRF Kalkyl, a web based application for the automobile industry.

Behind the simple interface we have created a complex matrix with tens ouf thousands of variables that measure desired profit margin, working hours, sales time, social costs, depreciation, distributions and more.

MRF kalkyl

How Duva works with projects

Our project method is a simplified combination of Kanban and Scrum where our customers get full transparency into our work process, time manegement and rates.

Rasmus Johansson

Rasmus Johansson

Lead frontend developer

Philip Johansson

Philip Johansson

Lead backend developer

Strategy and scope

How do we reach the results? We listen in and gather an understanding for what our customers need and interact with feedback on planned solutions.

Requirements specification and budget

We developed a specification with what needs to be done, what the product will look like (UX), when it needs to be done and how long it will take. From there on a beta-version takes form.

Prototype or beta-version

Lead developers have their team that gather executable Beta-versions that sees several small but necassy revisions until a first release version is available.

Test and production management

At launch we put the project into production. Operating environment is tested, documentation completed and tools (CI / CD) put in place.

Project management and further development

Management and development according to the plan that is established from the original strategy. Next version is started.

E-commerce site with 70.000 products for 2 million motorcycles

MC-konsult retails clothes and spare parts to motorcycles. Baserad on WooCommerce that has been expanded with a solid search engine, able to filter well over 2 million brands, all in just a matter of milliseconds.

Description of case

Swedens biggest Motorcycle store for spare parts for your motorcycle where the customer wants swift and easy access to the right parts and a well managed ordering system.

The result

Automated order processing with integration to Fortnox, product imports from manufacturers and a purchases feed that is also completely automated.

Relevance and insights with artifical intelligence (AI) and machine learning at Monokel.se

Like a mix between Hemnet and Google, a search engine for properties abroad.

Looking for properties in Spain, Portugal or Cyprus? At Monokel.se properties are being indexed and quality is assured with machine learning algorithms that sort based on quality.

The estates are presented in a manor that fits the scandinavian mindset, with good descriptions and photos. The Monokel mascot, Mo, will aid you as you compare similiar properties in the same area.

Monokel webb

Budget method, mutually beneficial with fixed prices

A comfortable budget with set prices but the ability to end up under budget, in any case you're a winner and get full exchange for every minut. We benefit greatly from our experience with estimation and today we have a differential between estimation and result of abouit 10% below budget.

Management and operations for Götenehus improved page speed tenfold

Götenehus is the Swedens leading manufacturer of houses. Their WordPress site is administered and maintained in Propelled in a container based environment (Docker and Kubernetes) that increased the page speed tenfold.

Götenehus webb

Propelled the platform with superfast WordPress and WooCommerce deployment in containers

Propelled AB is currently developing an Open Source platform for maintenance of WordPress and WooCommerce in fast and secure containers. The website and design was developed with friends in the business and we have utilized the platform in production environments for three years.

The platform is sprung out of Ember, a sibling company of Duva, a part of the Soldering Barons group.

Our customers are innovative industry leaders or upstarts, both driven by results

Does this description fit you as well?

We have our headquarters in Lidköping and are available both in Stockholm and Gothenburg. We work extensively with private companies that have short roads to execution, often management directly. Our culture is straightforward, transparent and with genuine engagement.

Robert Lidberg

Robert Lidberg

073-530 50 94