Automatic integration and synchronization to Blocket with XML or JSON

Duva is an integration partner for Blocket, we can automatically synchronize content to your Blocket store. The subscription model is read a ready-made service for brokers, when changes are made in your feed, the changes to your store are synchronized automatically. The service has built-in validation that stops incorrect items from being published.

The set-up cost is 500 € and the monthly fee is 70 €, the contract then runs month by month. In the case of 12-month agreements, no set-up fee will be added.

If you have an already existing Kyero link (V3) we can use it. If you want to develop a new XML feed, you can refer to this example file, or Kyero's own specification. ( Note that the following fields are specific to

Jonatan Jansson

Jonatan Jansson

Tailored integration?

If you are looking for a tailor-made integration with the API, we can help you with that, all integrations are today delivered as a complete solution with management, support and operation on our Kubernetes platform. You contact Robert Lidberg to initiate your own integration.

If you wish to do the integration yourself, you can do so with our Blocket-API.