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Different but better

We are tech, software and cloud specialists who thinks up and build turnkey products or custom-developed programs, services and integrations. 15 years of experience doing things different, but better

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From company HQ in Lidköping

One step ahead requires faster results and less complexity

And that is why we done things different, by understanding what is required for achiving the goals and adapt to truths. One such truth is that small trusted teams with less restrictions and no middle management out performs both regarding to speed and quality. This makes us better.

Latest case

Power your AI-deas with AIron

This is where your AI trains, eat and sleep. AIron provide resources and infrastructure for companies to build competitive advantage with sustainable AI, from the nordics.

Contribution: UX and UI frontend, Dashboard for end user, gRPC API backend and orchestration

Team lead

Image of Robert Lidberg

Robert Lidberg

CEO & partner

Image of Rasmus Johansson

Rasmus Johansson

Engineering team lead & partner

Image of David Falck

David Falck

Engineering team lead & partner

Image of Joakim Apelqvist

Joakim Apelqvist

Engineering team lead & partner

Looking for the team members? first.lastname@duva.se

Another case

Survey tool collecting valuable feedback

There is a bunch of survey tools out there, we focused on making sure the data from the surveys was reliable and adding higher resolution to understand the actual results. It automatically generates quality reports for stake holders and compares results across the entire company. Pixel survey tool is used by Capio to collect PGIC.


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Strapi is the new kid on the CMS block

Strapi is the leading open-source headless CMS. It’s 100% JavaScript and fully customizable. When choosing a new CMS we recommend Strapi, and we’ve used it succesfully on multiple projects.

Want to know more about strapi as CMS?

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